Is Registration necessary to use BEMC International Services?

Registration is a one-off process that includes complete assessment to ensure we provide the services best suited to your needs.

Can I access my health records and plans online?

BEMC International website host complete electronic health records. Members can log in to their account, view their health records book an appointment and upload any investigations requested.

I have forgotten my password – How can I request a new password?

You can visit the website and follow the forgot password link to get a new password.

Can I book an appointment with UK specialist online?

Yes, you can book an appointment with UK specialist online from your account.

Can I book an appointment with Doctor and Physiotherapist Online?

Yes, you can book an appointment with doctor and physiotherapist online from your account.

Will, I get registration document and payment receipt?

The members will get a welcome pack upon registration. You can request a payment receipt, however; all your receipt will be available for you to view online and print from your account on the website.

Can I use services just by being a member?

BEMC International registration includes comprehensive medical, physical and psychosocial assessment. The medical team then advise members packages that will best suit their needs. Each package or service paid separately. Registration of BEMC International does not give members right to use its services. However, it gives members opportunity to participate in any current or future offers and discounts.

Can I cancel my membership?

Our membership is lifelong following initial registration if you do not wish to receive information on any current and future offers email us at to inactivate your details from our database.

How is Powrx different from other Exercise Machines?

Powrx is very different from any other exercise machine. It uses the latest German technology that stimulates muscle fibres several times per second giving the body a workout of up to 60 minutes in just 10 minutes

I have a busy schedule; can I work around it?

Powrx is extremely easy to use and it can be seamlessly incorporated into any type of lifestyle.

Is it suitable for people with Back Pain?

Powrx is not only safe for use in people with back pain, it is used in the management of back pain.

Can I have a taster session?

Our dedicated membership team will give each member a detailed tour of our facilities and encourage them to trial Powrx during the registration process.

What if I am not very fit?

Powrx is suitable to use for everyone whether you are unfit or an athlete

I am a professional athlete can I use Powrx?

Powrx helps the athlete develop explosive power and is extremely beneficial in sports that require running and strength.

I have diabetes Can I join?

Powrx is used extensively in the management of diabetes. It improves patient’s diabetes control, improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of non-traumatic amputations of the leg.

Do you run the classes all year round?

Yes, we do, we are only closed on dedicated national holidays and Sundays.

Can I do the exercise on my own?

Members will be supervised by a trained Physiotherapist and/or Personal Trainer during every session for first two months.

What is Lipotrim?

Lipotrim is a total food replacement programme. It is nutrient complete – no extra nutrients are needed to maintain body functions.

How does Lipotrim burn fat and reduce weight?

The normal body uses Glucose as fuel to maintain body function. Any excess glucose is stored in the form of Fat in the body. Lipotrim tricks the body into using its own fat as fuel to maintain body function resulting in rapid weight loss.

Do I need to rest whilst on Lipotrim?

Lipotrim is designed to be completely safe. You should continue to do all your daily activities as you were before you started Lipotrim.

There are lots of supplements on the market, how do I trust Lipotrim?

Lipotrim has been prescribed safely and successfully in the UK by GPs and Pharmacists since 1980s. This is a testament to its safety and high standards. Lipotrim is manufactured in the UK and adheres to the stringent health and food safety programme.

Why is Lipotrim only available under medical supervision?

All weight management programmes should ideally be supervised. The body undergoes several changes during any weight loss phase. Medical supervision ensures that the weight loss is effective, safe and proactive.

Do you follow any specific type of diet programme for all patients?

Universal diet plans do not work for patients as they are not tailored to individual patient’s body requirements. At BEMC International we create diet plans that are specific to every person’s individual body need and requirements. Each diet plan is prepared after thorough medical, psychological and biochemical assessment. It takes into accounts patients preferences, limitations and their goals.

Why do you need to follow members on a fortnightly basis?

We follow members on a fortnightly basis to ensure that the diet and nutrition plan is working for them and make changes quickly rather than waiting for a whole month.

There are so many diet plans and recipes available what is different in your plan?

We agree there are several diet plans in the market. However, we believe that the best plan is the one that is created for you after thorough medical, physical and psychological assessment.

What does BEMC International mean?

BEMC International is a short form of Burnett Edgar Medical Centre International. It is a collaboration with Burnett Edgar Medical Centre UK albeit it maintains independent status. Dr Amin CEO and CMO of BEMC International is also a senior partner at Burnett Edgar Medical Centre UK.

Is BEMC International Registered in the UK?

BEMC International is registered with Companies House UK and has to abide by all legal requirements as per UK Law.

What is the aim of BEMC International?

BEMC international aims to deliver chronic disease and weight management according to UK standards to the people of Pakistan.

What Standards BEMC International Aims to follow?

BEMC International will follow UK national guidelines for the management of Chronic Diseases such as Guidelines produced by National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) and Guidelines produced by NHS England.

Are UK experts based in the UK or elsewhere?

The team of UK Experts at BEMC International are actively practising in their respective fields in the UK. All UK experts are regulated and appraised by their respective bodies. For example. Dr Amin is revalidated by General Medical Council every five years. His most revalidation was on the 18.11.2016. He is appraised on an annual basis by an independent appraiser appointed by NHS England. His last appraisal was on the 5th of July 2017.